#32: Google Summer of Code : Pencils Down

Wow ! What a summer !

Roughly 12 weeks have passed since I started working on KDE Now (well formally). Results came out some couple of hours ago and I passed the full term evaluation. In this post, I’m going to talk about what I’m planning for the future of KDE Now. How the past weeks have been and some other stuff.


To start with, the summer was awesome. I got to learn so much and that certainly made me a better programmer. Before this summer, I had worked on some parts of large codebases but never really started one from scratch. KDE Now taught me a lot about all the things you have to face when starting a project. The design choices you have to make. Even down to the bottom most nitty gritty details like using const correctness or avoiding copy of data while function calls. All these tiny bits eventually contribute to a better, working, cohesive whole.


As for my work, you can find the formal work report here. KDE Now now has a quickgit repository . It’s currently lying in playground and will continue to do so for a couple of months until I have everything sorted out before a possible release. First off, I’m gonna work on documentation. This is to attract other developers to contribute to it. Who wants to work on an undocumented software anyway 😛 . Next up, I will write unit tests. I have tested the application but only as a whole in some different scenarios. Unit Testing would be a lot better. But before all that can happen, I want a break. Haha ! I’ve been working for so long on this, that other things took a lower priority. School has started for much long and a lot of things require my attention. So I think, I should take a month off. You can hear me, with other updates from the start of October again. Meanwhile if you have any doubts/questions or want to contribute to KDE Now, I’ll be glad to to answer everything. Just comment below or drop me a mail 🙂


I am very thankful to my mentor, Ashish Bansal. He is simply an awesome mentor. He would point me to some direction and leave the rest to me for finding out on my own. He would tell me what design choices were better, their trade offs but then again, left it to me to choose on my own. We talked on every other (or two) day. There were some times when I wasn’t very productive but he was pretty cool with that too, as long as I was not terribly behind schedule. I even poked him during his vacation, and he still managed to reply ! I’m really thankful to him. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. Also I am thankful to KDE for giving me this opportunity and finally to Google for organizing this awesome program.


Cheers !

See you later.


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