#25: Summers !

I had my last exam on the 27th of May. And with that, I bid adieu to my sophomore year. Now when I look back, things seem to have flown past. Just the other day, I was excited about starting another year at college, and here I am writing about it’s end. Life sure moves fast, mate.

Last year (or academic session) was a mix bag. We had some good courses, and some not so good ones. (Yes, Microprocessors and Computer Arch, I’m referring to you). Well, in my opinion at least.

I’m happy that finally my exams came to an end. It goes on for a fucking month. Well roughly. We have our Minors – 2, that takes about  a week. Then practicals for another week. Then about 14-15 days for the University exams. I meant every word of it, when I posted the following on my Facebook wall when my exams ended.

Walk into your house like, when the semester ends!


My University exams went fine. No that I expect something like a 9 CGPA, but anything close to 8 will do.

I haven’t had much time to blog about anything except my updates with the Google Summer of Code this year. It has been keeping me busy lately. I wonder how things are gonna roll, when the next semester starts. Which reminds me, the last two semesters were awful in terms of schedules. All week, our classes used to end at 5 pm. That makes it kind of a 9-5 job 😛 . Last semester, our labs were 3 hours long. I mean, can you even believe it ? And all we had to do in those 3 hours, was perform just a single experiment. Terrible waste of time. An hour would have been more than enough. As a result, we were exhausted when finally reached hostel at about 6 pm. Then the assignments, lab work, etc took another couple of hours. No wonder, things seemed to have moved very fast ! I kind of cringe at the thought, that even now if it’s getting difficult to take out time for hobbies, what will happen when we’ll be working ?

I’m about 12-13 days in my summer vacations. I have a shitload of things going on. About a month more remains. I need to pull my socks up. And not sit around random subreddits !!! As expected, I’ve been keenly following Game of Thrones. It’s already 7 episodes down. (What ? 7 weeks ? How ?) Yeah. Just the other day, I bunked a lecture to watch the first episode with my friend. I will watch it all, one day when this season ends. 10 hours straight.

With that I end my blog(rant ?)

See you later


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