#22: GSoC with KDE Now – 1

Hey ! I’m making KDE Now, an application for the Plasma Desktop. It would help the user see important stuff from his email, on a plasmoid. It’s similar to what Google Now does on Android. To know more, click here


As I said, in my last post, I am one of the student developers for KDE this year during this Google Summer of Code. I’ll be working on a project related to Plasma. I’ll go through the details, as I progress with my project.

It’s currently community bonding period, and we are expected to bond with the community and get to know the people. I’ve been hanging around IRC as usual. I recently only joined the telegram group kde-soc, and it’s pretty helpful for those with University blocked ports.

Also, I’ve been working withe the KDE VDG Group for coming up with some cool UI’s for my project. I plan to have a plasmoid, which will have different cards. This plasmoid will be scrollable, so we can scroll cards on it. Each card will display some important information pertaining to a user’s Flight, Hotel, Event or Restaurant reservation. Few days back, I created some basic parts in Inkscape, and sent it to the good folks at VDG. Andres Betts was quick to respond with his views on it, and asked me, how would they would look on a proper desktop.

Here are the Inkscape mockups I came up with. (The flight one is actually Vishesh’s 😉  )


He told me to, make these in QML and see, exactly how would they look on a Plasma Desktop.


They seemed good, and he said, he would come up with some mockups for the same. Also, the typeface needs to be made good. Personally, I also think the cliparts could be better. I used these, since I couldn’t find anything better from Google Images.

Things that still need to be done, as for the UIs is to find a way, to make these different cards uniform and aligned. Also, I plan to show just a small abstract of the information on the Plasmoid Card. When the user clicks on it, then the card would expand.

I have set up a scratch repository here. Also, I maintain a github mirror, for those who prefer github. It’s good, that I set up everything and pushed some code beforehand, since I won’t be able to actually code until a week later, after the formal coding period begins. (Courtesy of final University Exams -_- ).

Your valuable opinions and suggestions are welcome.



2 thoughts on “#22: GSoC with KDE Now – 1

  1. I think I posted to your VDG forum thread about this (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=131460) a little while ago. I suggested a way to extract information from different types of events in a uniform manner, which should result in a uniform data format for all types of events. This might help make the cards (visually) uniform and aligned as well. I look forward to seeing this in Plasma. Good luck!


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