#21: Google Summer of Code 2016

Hey all !

I am happy to let you know that I got into Google Summer of Code this year. I’ll be working with KDE to create an application, KDE Now. I’ll go more into details as I move forward with it.

KDE Now would be a desktop application similar to Google Now cards for Android. It would show relevant and useful information to the user from his Email. Stuff like, his Flight Reservation or Hotel details would be shown in the form of concise cards. Prior reservations for Events or Restaurants will also be shown. This was originally an idea of Vishesh Handa.

So at least I know, what to do in summers. Working on an awesome project, learning from the awesome KDE developers, and getting paid for it. It couldn’t get any better. I’m really thankful to my friend and mentor Ashish Bansal for all his guidance and reviews on my proposal.

In the months to come, I’ll probably blog about my project and it’s details. I’ll be tagging these with gsoc16 tags, so you can see them later.

For those interested in other details, here’s a link to my proposal.


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