#20: Holidays, Game of Thrones and more

Well, I am currently at my home. (Again !). Perks of living in a hostel 40 miles from your home, I guess. It’s holiday time. I have the same 9 days leave that I had during Holi. I still have a couple of days until college reopens.

All I did in this time was drool over the new Game of Thrones season, practice Data Structure and Algorithmic Questions from SPOJ and well, wake up at 12 in the day. I am really happy that I finally found my motivation again to solve those problems. I know they are important. And I enjoy solving those, but then I eventually moved to Open Source software after 1st year and that kept me busy enough that I slacked off. I must say, solving problems seems not that easy now, after almost a year I left it. I’ve become rusty. But hey, I have ample time. And I find joy in it. So who cares. Anyways, I have setup a github repository here. I push all my submissions there. My aim, to solve the first 300 classical problems by August end of this year. I already have solved some 70-75. Let’s see, if I can do it till then. After that, I’ll start competing in Codechef contests I guess. Let’s see where the wind blows.

Also, I’ve been drooling over Game of Thrones a lot. I read every little bit of information about it as soon as it comes out. I am just so pumped about it right now. Man, why is it not 24th yet. And already, we’ve been waiting for an extra month. Game of Thrones, is premiering a month late due to Vinyl (another HBO show). And now since, I’m talking about Game of Thrones, I wish (read in Tyrion Trial voice), I wish that, the Indian Censor Board didn’t suck this much. I wish that we could have original Game of Thrones for India too. I wish we had HBO Now for India too. Man, so many viewers want this to happen. Ending my rant here.

Cheers readers !

Thanks for reading.



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