#21: Google Summer of Code 2016

Hey all !

I am happy to let you know that I got into Google Summer of Code this year. I’ll be working with KDE to create an application, KDE Now. I’ll go more into details as I move forward with it.

KDE Now would be a desktop application similar to Google Now cards for Android. It would show relevant and useful information to the user from his Email. Stuff like, his Flight Reservation or Hotel details would be shown in the form of concise cards. Prior reservations for Events or Restaurants will also be shown. This was originally an idea of Vishesh Handa.

So at least I know, what to do in summers. Working on an awesome project, learning from the awesome KDE developers, and getting paid for it. It couldn’t get any better. I’m really thankful to my friend and mentor Ashish Bansal for all his guidance and reviews on my proposal.

In the months to come, I’ll probably blog about my project and it’s details. I’ll be tagging these with gsoc16 tags, so you can see them later.

For those interested in other details, here’s a link to my proposal.


#20: Holidays, Game of Thrones and more

Well, I am currently at my home. (Again !). Perks of living in a hostel 40 miles from your home, I guess. It’s holiday time. I have the same 9 days leave that I had during Holi. I still have a couple of days until college reopens.

All I did in this time was drool over the new Game of Thrones season, practice Data Structure and Algorithmic Questions from SPOJ and well, wake up at 12 in the day. I am really happy that I finally found my motivation again to solve those problems. I know they are important. And I enjoy solving those, but then I eventually moved to Open Source software after 1st year and that kept me busy enough that I slacked off. I must say, solving problems seems not that easy now, after almost a year I left it. I’ve become rusty. But hey, I have ample time. And I find joy in it. So who cares. Anyways, I have setup a github repository here. I push all my submissions there. My aim, to solve the first 300 classical problems by August end of this year. I already have solved some 70-75. Let’s see, if I can do it till then. After that, I’ll start competing in Codechef contests I guess. Let’s see where the wind blows.

Also, I’ve been drooling over Game of Thrones a lot. I read every little bit of information about it as soon as it comes out. I am just so pumped about it right now. Man, why is it not 24th yet. And already, we’ve been waiting for an extra month. Game of Thrones, is premiering a month late due to Vinyl (another HBO show). And now since, I’m talking about Game of Thrones, I wish (read in Tyrion Trial voice), I wish that, the Indian Censor Board didn’t suck this much. I wish that we could have original Game of Thrones for India too. I wish we had HBO Now for India too. Man, so many viewers want this to happen. Ending my rant here.

Cheers readers !

Thanks for reading.