#18: SoK with PMC – 4

Well, I agree it’s a bit late now. But, I checked my Season of KDE project status just now and was glad to know that I had passed. So, this post goes to it. My previous posts on SoK with PMC can be found here .

Working on PMC was a really good experience. For someone like me, who takes time to get the hang of things, I really enjoyed all that I learnt during the past four months. Also, since it is not GSoC, we can work at our own pace.

In the course of these past four months, I got to learn a lot of things from my mentors. Things that are not written in textbooks. I also had the opportunity of interacting with the great community. People are helping. I agree they do not spoon feed you, but that’s the whole point of it, right ? You get to learn things on your own.

During my Season of KDE, I was able to implement a plugin for PMC. What I really like though is that its pushed to master now. (Yay !!!). I also got to work on integrating the UI. I faced many weird bugs along the way and learnt from it. Finally, now we have a working new UI with all the basic functionality. We can play music, videos and view pictures. The basic browsers for the three components look good to me. However, still we haven’t merged it to master yet. We still want to get some more functionality and polish everything before doing that. For testing, it can be found in the branch aditya/shell

In the end, I would like to thank my mentors Ashish Bansal and Bhushan Shah for being patient with me and for their guidance. It was really fun working with them. Also, I have taken a liking to all this FOSS culture. I have strong hopes, I will continue being a part of the FOSS community for a very long time.

Cheers !

Thanks for reading !




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