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You must have already noticed that I changed the site’s domain. This looks better to me. The month has been good till now. I am currently at home due to Holi holidays. Holi is an Indian festival in which people play with colors. There’s a whole story behind why it’s celebrated but I won’t go there. This is what it looks like.


I’ve never really played Holi that much. As far as I can remember maybe 3 or 4 times. I don’t like the whole concept of getting dirty and then cleaning up. But more so, the colors and the way they play it is what I can’t stand. The colors go into my eyes, nose, mouth and I have to cope up with its allergy for the next few days. So I find it better to stay at home.

Well, enough with Holi. I also have applied for Google Summer of Code this year to KDE. Let’s hope my proposal gets selected. Since I have about a week with me, due to these holidays, I have started learning OpenGL. It’s fun till now. But a bit above my skills since this is the first time I’m even reading about computer graphics. But all in all, it’s fun and interesting to learn. I have to put in quite some hours to understand how things work and believe me, the deeper you get, the complex it gets. I have also set up a github repo here, where I’ll be pushing all my programs that I’ll write during the course of it. In the end I hope to do some cool project in it. What project, I have no idea till now. But for now, I’ll just learn it.

Also, the past few weeks I have been watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. IMHO, they are the best anime I’ve watched till now. Of course, leave the fillers. I just skipped them. The characters are portrayed well. Attention is given to detail. The story is not predictive and it is gripping. Battles are awesome. Just about everything I look for in an anime. I am well in sync with the last episode, so when new canon episodes release, I’ll be right on track.

I’m also eagerly waiting for Game of Thrones Season 6. Time just doesn’t pass when it comes to Game of Thrones. And it passes at an instant when I’m watching an episode. That’s the kind of effect it has on me.

Sometime back, we had our college annual fest. I didn’t attend. I simply couldn’t find my interest in there. The only thing which I really feel regretted for is not being able to try out Oculus Rift. Turns out, folks were letting students try the Rift and some of my friends tried it. Although, I have done Google Cardboard, but what’s Cardboard compared to a consumer grade Oculus Rift. That’s like comparing a working model of toy Ferrari to an actual Ferrari.

I have set up one more blog, but I’d like to keep it anonymous.

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#18: SoK with PMC – 4

Well, I agree it’s a bit late now. But, I checked my Season of KDE project status just now and was glad to know that I had passed. So, this post goes to it. My previous posts on SoK with PMC can be found here .

Working on PMC was a really good experience. For someone like me, who takes time to get the hang of things, I really enjoyed all that I learnt during the past four months. Also, since it is not GSoC, we can work at our own pace.

In the course of these past four months, I got to learn a lot of things from my mentors. Things that are not written in textbooks. I also had the opportunity of interacting with the great community. People are helping. I agree they do not spoon feed you, but that’s the whole point of it, right ? You get to learn things on your own.

During my Season of KDE, I was able to implement a plugin for PMC. What I really like though is that its pushed to master now. (Yay !!!). I also got to work on integrating the UI. I faced many weird bugs along the way and learnt from it. Finally, now we have a working new UI with all the basic functionality. We can play music, videos and view pictures. The basic browsers for the three components look good to me. However, still we haven’t merged it to master yet. We still want to get some more functionality and polish everything before doing that. For testing, it can be found in the branch aditya/shell

In the end, I would like to thank my mentors Ashish Bansal and Bhushan Shah for being patient with me and for their guidance. It was really fun working with them. Also, I have taken a liking to all this FOSS culture. I have strong hopes, I will continue being a part of the FOSS community for a very long time.

Cheers !

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#17: conf.kde.in 2016

This will be me log of conf.kde.in 2016. It’s the KDE India annual conference. This time around it’ll be at LNMIIT Jaipur. I am going there along with Ashish Bansal.

0900 hrs – Chandigarh: I reached Chandigarh Airport. Well its technically Mohali Airport since its in Mohali. Anyways, I reached there well ahead of time. I had already done web check in. I was sleepy and took a nap. Woke up from Bansal’s call. Soon we were discussing all sorts of things. He told me about this awesome Xposed Framework for Android. It sounded pretty cool. I took a mental note to try it if and when I dwelve into Android. Midway this discussion we boarded.

1230 hrs – Delhi: We reached Delhi right on time. Then began the gruelling wait for our next flight to Jaipur. We had to kill some 4 hours. Bansal worked on his slides till his laptop had no juice left. Also, I discussed my talk with him. He gave me this idea of doing some changes in the code for my demo. I’ll work on it tonight.

1640 hrs – Jaipur: Again we reached right on time. Our pickup had arrived already. 10 mins or so after us, Bhushan arrived. We waited for two other speakers. Apparently they were in the same flight as us. Just waiting for their check-in baggage.

1900 hrs – Jaipur: We reached our guest house. Actually LNMIIT is quite far from Airport. But the sun was setting. And the view was good. Soon as we got pur rooms, we received our WiFi credentials. (Great !) Me and Bansal and a junior from LNMIIT went out to explore the campus. It was really good. We went to the Central Plaza and really liked their innovative idea. We tried scaling “The Great Wall” but our first attempt was no good. Will try again later 😉

[EDIT] 2100 hrs – Jaipur: We had dinner. It was pretty good. Then we went out to see the campus. The whole lot of us. Me, Bansal and Sanjiban, a developer from Marble went out for a stroll and soon we lost the group XD. Anyways, we talked about some stuff. Randa Meetings, KDE again, bootstrap, Marble etc. It was fun.

[EDIT] 0130 hrs – I just finished my slides. Going to sleep now.

[EDITS – Day 1]
0800hrs – I woke up to a start to the knocking outside our door. It was Sagar calling us for breakfast. We rushed and got ready and probably reached the dining area by 10 mins to 9. It was empty so we thought we were early. Actually we were late. LOL

1000hrs – The conference started with a talk from Sagar. He told us about packaging tools. Midway I was told to install teamviewer on my machine. I did it and guess what, It broke. What caused it, I don’t know. But Chrome didn’t run (Aborted). DNF crashed (Aborted). And pretty much every other thing I was gonna use in my talk. I’ll be honest, for the first few minutes I was like What the f***. But thankfully, I used Bansal’s laptop. Rest of my time went in configuring his system to my needs. I was really thankful for him. My talk got delayed. (Whew !) and was now at the end. That gave me some little more time to work up.

1615hrs – I had my talk. I tried to go slow, since I knew I talk fast. I never had any sort of stage fear so after a minute or two I probably made myself at home. Rest of it went smoothly. I tried to explain stuff in as simple terms as possible. Using as simple references as possible. I think it was fun to watch too XD. Some people contacted me after my talk got over. And their reactions were amazing.

1700hrs – We ended the conference. But we had arranged a Dev Sprint to solve the doubts, that the students had. We tried our best. We still had some time to kill before the sprint and some food to eat. We talked on various stuff. It was all in all a great learning experience.

1900hrs – The Sprint started. And we tried to solve their issues as much as possible.

2100hrs – We came back for dinner. The food was good. The company was great.

0040hrs – I am very sleepy and exhausted right now to write anything else. I’ll just sleep.

[EDITS – Day 2]

0800hrs – Jaipur: We woke up. Got ready and joined everyone for breakfast. Food was good. Bansal had to complete his slides so he stayed back. I went to the conference. On the way I asked Sagar about his internship at Google and took a few points.

1000hrs – Jaipur: The conference started. Since my talk had already finished the previous day, I was paying much more concentration to other talks. Sanjiban talked about Marble and Bansal gave a talk on KDE Connect. The conference ended at 1600hrs. We were basically free then, so we talked on various things. Me, Bansal and Divyam scaled the “Great Wall”. I’ll post a pic later.

2100hrs – Jaipur: We had dinner with the faculty of LNMIIT. Me, Bhushan and Bansal started with a bug on PMC. Bhushan started hacking it and finally it was solved. I am still not sure about what the reason was.

2400hrs – Jaipur: Our WiFi guest accounts expired XD. So with nothing better to do we went to sleep.

[EDITS – Day 3] – Jaipur Airport: I’m writing this from Jaipur Airport since I couldn’t get WiFi earlier. For some weird reason my data pack doesn’t seem to work.

[EDITS – Day 3] – We reached Delhi right on time. Our next flight is from Terminal 3. We reached there some 3 hours ahead of schedule. My laptop was broken, so I thought I’d rather log into Windows. I played some Max Payne 3. Bansal worked on his app. Everything from there on was all casual.

So, that was all about my first KDE India Conference. It was great. Had fun. Learnt a lot. Also, I’d like to especially thank Sagar for all the arrangements and our awesome hospitality. Also, I’m grateful to KDE eV for sponsoring this trip.

Obligatory Pics.