#13 : SoK with Plasma Media Center – An Introduction

Hello people . Back with another post. This time about Season of KDE . For those who don’t know, SoK is a Google Summer of Code SpinOff in which students work on a project for an open source organization directly under the guidance of a seaoned mentor.

I got selected for my proposed idea of improving the Plasma Media Center Architecture. To be precise, it’s not just one task but a collection of tasks that I’ll be doing through my SoK period. SoK participants are required to blog about what they do, so I’ll be telling about it here often.

Apart from it, nothing new. Life’s usual. Have my Minors 2 right around and as usual I have no idea about anything. Got to finish close to 10 chapters for 2 subjects and finish one massive assignment before Monday, but here I am, your blogger. *slow claps please*

So this was the updates. More posts will follow. Also, I’ll be blogging thoroughly about SoK so stay tuned to catch up.

Thanks for Reading.


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