Welcome my fellow readers !

As you would have seen, I changed the UI of the blog. This looks much more visually appealing. Its been a long time since my last post. It’s not easy being a blogger. This makes me wonder how do regular bloggers not run out of topics to write ! *sigh* So here goes.

Life’s going well. The first fifteen days of September were a complete mess due to some personal issues but everything is back on track. It seems like I am starting out with a new phase in life. Let’s see what it has to offer.

As for University, things don’t quite move smoothly. Had my Minors some time back. And I sucked. Well, I didn’t study for it either but that’s no excuse. Will score better next time.

As for FOSS, I have news. I am currently working on porting Amarok to Qt5/KF5. More on it in some later post I guess. And I’m too lazy now to dive into it’s technicalities. But yeah, everything seems to be going pretty fine. I also got a KDE Developer Account 🙂 . But as the Ksysadmins say, with great power comes great responsibility. Hahaha

In the midst of it all, I learned shell scripting. And believe me, it’s awesome. Daily tasks like sorting files or renaming a batch of files based on some parameters is a cakewalk , that would perhaps be a nightmare using GUI. I’ll continue to use it and read about it as much as I can. Also, earlier I used to compile my C++ programs using –

g++ <name of file.cpp> -o <name of file>

What this does, is that passes the name of the file you want to compile as an argument to g++. We are using the -o flag and then the <name of file> , so after compilation , the file is saved as <name of file> , without the .cpp extension.

I created a 2 line script for it called ” x ”  , so that all I have to do now is –

x <name of file.cpp>

This does the same thing as earlier and saves the compiled binary. Here’s the script in case you want it  : x

Also, I finally found a stable build – Fedora 22 with KDE Plasma 5 . There is still an issue with the login manager (SDDM) , but nothing I cannot find a workaround with CLI . So, that’s not so much as a problem now.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for Reading


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