While I write this, I am sitting with two of my friends in my University’s Reading Hall. It’s already past 2:30 in the AM, and we are just chilling out , talking of an array of things … for no apparent reason.

University Elections are taking place. This time a bit earlier though. All parties have pulled up their socks and are campaigning vigorously. They wake you up at 3 in the morning. What for ? “Vote for us !” . What a pile of crap !

I’ve been here for an year now, enough to know about the elections.

Parties primarily aim at the Freshers. For the simple reason that they don’t know shit about the shit happening around. If you are a fresher, they approach you and will do anything for your precious vote. Wait till the election fever goes down. Nobody gives a damn ! Well of course, there are some genuinely nice people but I am talking about the majority of them, I’ve seen.

So, me and my friends with nothing better to do are discussing about the most hyped topic right now… Elections. Let’s see how the night goes, given I’ll be spending  it outside my hostel.

So yeah ! Just felt like posting here. And to end this one without something geeky would be committing a sin. So here goes, I wrote a patch to Amarok. Currently I am working on it and get it reviewed. Let’s hope they commit it. Will let you know about it.

Thanks for Reading !


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