#10 : I moved to Kubuntu 15.04

Hey Guys !

Nothing fancy this time. But it seems I am stuck with a problem every week. As if last weekend wasn’t hectic enough. Last night all was fine. I did what I did and shut down my laptop. All good ! Or so it would seem.

My WiFi stopped working. I also have a Windows 7 on a separate partition. I logged into it. And the WiFi was working. But somehow it was a mess on my Ubuntu Variant. At first I thought of correcting it, and doing some research. But I didn’t have the patience this time. I had read somewhere that sometimes just re-installing your distro is the fastest solution.

Besides I was thinking of updating to Kubuntu for some time. I grabbed 15.04 . Sadly it’s not LTS. But it’s still good for now. I’ll update to 15.10 as soon as it rolls out in October.

However, I wanted to protect my precious data. Did some research and found out that since Ubuntu Hardy Heron, we have a choice to preserve our Home Directory. Still, to be on the safe side, I backed up my data on a USB. Prepared the live USB and I was good to go.

Standard Installation. Pretty easy. One thing to keep in mind that ensures that you don’t lose your Home Directory is to NOT format your Installation Directory.

If you had earlier installed your root directory and home directory in different partitions, just select the previous root partition for installation of the new stuff. You can format it if you want. Remember the ext4. 🙂

If you didn’t have different partitions for root and home like me, select the previous ext4 root partition and UNCHECK the format option. This would keep your data on home intact. However all applications you installed later in root, would be removed. You need to install them again.

Tip : It’s better to install Root and Home on different partitions. Helps in cases like these. 

Mind you, an easier option would have been simply upgrading from my previous distribution itself. But my WiFi was not working. Also I tried Ethernet, but that didn’t work too. USB seemed the obvious choice.

So here I am, on Kubuntu 15.04 . Installing Vim,Google Chrome, VLC etc again. I won’t deny that I am a bit sad for I lost all my apps and settings but at least I saved a lot of time. Plus every cloud has a silver lining. I have some material to pass time, the next time I am bored. Why my WiFi didn’t work ? And the Ethernet too.

So, all taken care of. Back to work !

Thanks for reading !


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