#9 : KDE Development Platform 4.14.2

So here I am as promised. As I write this, I am sitting in my hostel room. One of my friends is playing GTA V. The other is copying GTA V. One is watching Game of Thrones and one is just lying around. And here I am writing this. *Slow claps please :)*

KDE Development Platform :

The KDE Development Platform consists of an integrated set of technologies that help you build applications quickly and efficiently.

The KDE Development Platform is a way for the application KDE Developers to distribute the workload. The source becomes easy to maintain and write. Consistency and Stability is improved.

So a few days back, I find myself trying to solve a bug, a Junior Job on Amarok. The Podcast Directory was according to the bug wasn’t showing anything. Generally, there’s a list of Directories like this. Take a look.


Now as usual, my first step was to reproduce to the bug. I compiled the source and spent more than a day to do it. But everything was working fine on my build. I went to the IRC. Found out that I had an older version of KDE Development Platform 4.13.3 The newer version was perhaps breaking something. I had to have the newer version.

I spent a weekend trying to update it.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade  

As you might already know, I am running KDE on Unity. Since I don’t get automatic updates for KDE, things were a mess. The above commands didn’t seem to work. Still, the KDE Development Platform was 4.13.3 I did some digging and did a

 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This gave me a bunch of output. That showed, that the libraries of some applications were already at 4.14.2 What the hell is that ?  I spent one more day trying to find some work around.

Did a

sudo apt-get -f install 

It made all the libraries at Platform 4.13.3

Again ran

 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

It worked this time. The KDE Development Platform is 4.14.2

*Happy :)*

Still, I can see the Podcast Directories in Amarok. Time to bug some developers at the IRC. Will update if I find something interesting.

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#8 : Updates !

So, I’m gonna be blogging at a stretch for a day or two. I still can’t figure out why. Anyways, I am now a Sophomore. It feels good to be. At the same time it’s freaking me out a bit. I just joined College some time back. There’s so much to do. But I’ll calm down in some time.

I pretty much spent my summer vacation on my laptop. Hahah. I watched 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. Finished the 3rd season of Arrow and 5th Season of Game of Thrones

*SPOILER* {Jon Snow will be back. He’s in Belfast now where the shooting for season 6 is taking place. Why else would he be there anyway ?}

I am halfway through Season 9 on Friends. Finished Daredevil and True Detective. Apart from it, I spent a lot of time on Coding. Learnt a lot of new stuff. It was enjoyable. Went to Delhi to meet an old friend.

Owing to the geek I am, this post wouldn’t be complete without an in depth analysis of something geeky. My Primary OS was Ubuntu. I was running the 14.04 LTS version. Thought of switching to KDE. Why ? I still don’t know. Anyways, I don’t regret it. KDE way of doing things is far better than Unity. At least according to me. It takes some time getting used to, but in the end it’s not so big a deal. I still have to find out what are Activities and Activity Manager. I’ll update when I know.

I changed my basic Terminal Shell to Yakuake. First because it offers the option of multiple tabs on the terminal and second because it looks really cool, dropping down from the top. You can bring it at the first view in any of the Workspaces. However, one thing I am really disappointed about is the lack of good looking Workspace Navigation. Unity used to split the screen into the number of Workspaces and then you could easily choose one. In KDE it’s just pure minimal. Or crappy to say. Just an arrow. With bugs sometimes.

Initially I installed KDE alongside Ubuntu, that gave me a choice of choosing the desktop environment at login. But a day later, I realized I no longer needed Unity. So I chose to remove it. This is where things go nasty.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next
sudo apt update
sudo apt install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop
sudo apt full-upgrade

Pretty Easy. Now restart and you are good to go. You’ll be asked to choose either of the two Desktop Environents at startup.

Now, if you have to remove Ubuntu, things get exciting.

sudo apt-get remove --purge unity
sudo apt-get remove --purge gnome-shell
sudo apt-get remove --purge lightdm
sudo apt-get autoremove

If you are lucky, the next time you restart, your OS will automatically detect the Desktop Environment. I wasn’t that lucky. It had the OS, the kernel, everything. But I had ripped off the top layer of my distro. Imagine logging into your laptop and seeing nothing. A blank white screen. Nothing else. No error messages. Not even the godly terminal opens.

I couldn’t afford to lose my precious data. Spent that day surfing. I finally figured out that I didn’t completely remove Unity. WTF ? I created a live USB, fired up the terminal and

sudo apt-get autoremove --purge unity-*

Restarted and I was good to go.


More blog posts follow.

Thanks for Reading