Writing a blog post after sometime now. Well don’t give me those looks ! duh !

Had my Minors from , If I remember correctly , Dec 08. Not that I study too much for it. Just didn’t get the time. Also, I am having my semesters now. Already gave two examinations, out which Calculus went awful. Why do they even include these subjects in our course syllabus. Vectors and Algebra were understandable from CS view, but why Calculus ? And to add to my frustration, we will be having it in the coming semesters too. Also, its not like I hate Calculus. I just like Programming more. Still not happy enough. the Indian Education System has gone nuts. They teach C in the freshman year. (Why the fu**!!!). For people with no experience in Programming, who land into Computer Science branch, it is tough. Not just for them, but C is a tough language to start with. Rather they should have taught some scripting language at first. Maybe Python or even HTML or PHP. Atleast it would help the students with no Programming Experience, get their feet wet. But who cares ! Its India. Nobody gives a shit about you. You have to think of yourself. And they still use TurboC. Couldn’t have hurt to use Code::Blocks. Its free also. And the teachers don’t know as much as they brag about. All show and no go. Plus, they are not willing to change. Not willing to learn. Not willing to evolve. I mean , why the hell did they become Computer Science Professors in the first place if they were not willing to learn themselves. Technology is growing at massive rate. You don’t learn the new tech, you get kicked out. Unless and until you get a job at a Govt. Engineering College that pays you for all your life. I am not referring to anyone in particular. Just the way I see it. Besides all this, still some of the Professors are really very knowledgeable and are some of the best mentors. I am lucky to have them in my college. And as it turns out, I went off-topic. My apologies !!!

Been working the midnight oil for the past 5-6 days (Really ? Not exactly though :p). I don’t wanna flunk in my 1st semester itself.The past few days were a huge pain in the a**. Had to study Calculus. Much of it was not being able to get my hands on programming. I have some plans made for my Winter Vacations and I can’t wait for them. Also I finished all 4 seasons of Game of Thrones. And when I say, Its the best TV Series , I mean it. The plot, the twists , the mind blowing acting by the actors , the amazing locations , the nicely crafted story and characters all fit together so well, you are left astounded. And I have become a fan of Peter Dinklage. I also started watching Arrow and already finished Season 1 and more than halfway through Season 2. Its a nice one. Similar to Batman. Also I discovered my fondness for Quora. I have spent hours and hours on Quora. My favourite topics are from Programming and Computer Science. My news feed is filled with such questions. Answering questions from StackOverflow would teach me more , I won’t lie , but Quora is much more addictive. And to save myself from wasting hours and hours on the internet , I restrain myself from opening Reddit. Although my friends tell me Reddit has some of the best Programming topics and AMA’s from people coming straight from Harvard and Stanford. BUT , Quora is enough for me to get addicted to , than to add Reddit to the list. And lastly , I downloaded Dungeon Hunter 4 for my Lumia today. Its a good game. Cheers !

And  yes I have my Majors still going. Gave one today, and the next, on Programming Fundamentals is scheduled for day after tomorrow. I know most of it so am a bit loosened up.

Thats all for today

Thanks for reading.


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