#6 : Panjab University, my experiences till now.

Its going to be roughly 3 months for me at Panjab University, Chandigarh (PU). For those of you , who don’t know, I am a student of 1st Year CSE at the Dept. of Engineering (UIET). So here’s a post on my experiences till now.

My first reaction : What the fuck !!! It’s hugeeee. There are a ton of Departments here. The list includes even Departments of Mandarin and Russian. It’s one of the oldest Universities in the country. If my statistics are correct (which usually are !), then PU stands 1st in India (Because of the Research). It was established in 1882 in Lahore (Pakistan). It was moved to Chandigarh after Partition. But enough with the facts. Lets dig in.

Every year the Students’ Election are held in the month of September. Our session started in August. That’s the high time for Student Elections in PU. All the parties are trying to persuade the freshers for votes. Ofcourse, we the freshers are easy to brainwash. I’ll rather skip the specifics.

There is a plethora of Student Parties competing for various posts. NSUI (National Students’ Union of India), SOI (Student Organization of India), PUSU (Panjab University Student Union), SOPU (Students of Panjab Uniersity) are among some biggies. Not to mention I have skipped a few like ABVP, HIMSU, GGSU etc.

Since, some parties are high on cash (Again ! I won’t take any name), we freshers get whatever we ask for. That includes Pen Drives too. Trips to Shimla and Kasauli for freshers, ofcourse as “a freshers’ treat !”. “Fresher’s  Parties” at Clubs. And movies too. For us hostelers, its a treat everyday.

Students’ Centre (StuC) is a place filled with shops offering nice food at cheap rates. But the sad part, it closes at 9:30pm. However nights for hostelers starts after 10:00pm. This is when NFS (Night Food Street) comes to rescue. Its outside the University Gate 1. And is open all night. I still don’t know if they deliver food in our rooms at night. Guess I’ll find out !!!.

The “parties” relied heavily on NFS and StuC those days. It was also the time of “ragging”. If it really was “ragging” after all. Just “some” Introductions with seniors. By that I mean, repeating the same thing over and over again many times a day. Many seniors cramped into those rooms for Intros. It had to be either completely in Hindi or completely in English. LOL !!. Also we had to start from our Foundation Day (Your DOB – 9 months). I hope you get it. LOL !. Sometimes we did the famous “Ikki Dukki Tikki Chauki”. I kind of liked all this. Helped us loosen ourselves with the seniors.

None of it was ragging. We were given an open choice to dance if we liked to, sing if we liked to, or do nothing if we were not in the mood. The days passed with the Election Campaigning gaining an even higher momentum than before. I made friends with many, including seniors. There are many plus points of being friends with a senior. He will tell you what to do or not. He will help you with notes, exam tips and movies. And most of all, if you go out, he pays 😉

Life at hostels is really fun. You get to learn a lot. You become a carpainter, a doctor, a cook and ofcourse an Engineer !!! Plus unlimited high speed internet. Back home I sucked at 60kbps Broadband Line. Now, I get impatient at any speed below 5-6 MBps.

You can almost always kill time by chit-chatting. Youtube becomes a precious gem. Here in Boys’ Hostel, there is no time limit. You could return to your hostel anytime. Even after 1:00 am. There is no fixed time to eat, sleep or study. TV series, Anime and most of all video games are played throughout all Boys’ Hostels. Counter Strike is played all night. Game of Thrones is finished in a couple of days. Not that websites are not banned. We just find our way around things. Torrent is still something I haven’t found out a solution to. Will write a post on it someday.

Now coming to the “guy” part. Going by statistics, 70% of the students at PU are girls. 40% of them (maybe) are good looking according to me, my roomies and friends. There are about 15000 students at PU. That means about 4000 girls are good looking. That may seem as an appreciable figure for many a guys out there. But for people like me, we have trouble becoming friends with even one of these 4000 girls. LOL !!!. Lets just leave this topic here. I’ll catch you later on this one. (No promises :p)

Unlike other colleges, students at PU are allowed to keep any vehicle at their hostels. May it be a car or a motorbike. This accounts for the large number of cars in the University. Also there is lack of parking space. Sometimes we don’t get water at the upper floors of hostels. But winter is coming !!!. Who cares ? We seldom bathe.

Also, we have this huge AC Joshi Library or easily the Central Library. I still don’t know how to issue books from the Central Library. Many of us still have no idea how to do it.

And there’s the PU Market. Yes ! its inside the University Campus. You can find almost anything here. Literally anything. Just outside PU Market, we have a Pizza Hut and a Dominos. Cheers Again.

So ending here, life at PU till now has been very good. I have some really interesting friends. My roommates are nice. Seniors are good and helping. And again, there’s PULUG. Here’s the link of my blog post on PULUG. 

Thats all for today.

Thanks for Reading


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