#4 : PULUG

I am blogging after a week or two I guess. Well, I hadn’t promised to be a good blogger either :p.

PULUG stands for Panjab University Linux User Group. It was started by my seniors some time back. If I am correct, then maybe in 2012. KP Sir along with Nitin Sir started it. Unlike the other geeks who blabber on and on about Open Source, these guys are really (by that I mean “really”) awesome. They are pretty jolly and fun to talk with. I had some interests in FOSS but they brought it out to a different level. These guys are just to good to be nerds. Really fun.

I may be getting off topic as usual. Pardon me. 🙂

So, coming back to PULUG, its a community that comprises of our seniors along (passouts included). To us, ie to the juniors, they provide some really nice advise. They teach us things, that are not taught in classes but are really important (Shitty Syllabus !!!). These guys are really into it. They are frequent contributors. Not just that. They organize UIET CodeChef Campus Classes too. 😀 . For those who are into competitive programming. Its something that is missed out in most of the colleges around India apart from the prestigious ones like IIT’s and BITS’s.  Plus, these guys are really COOL.

TBH, the first time I heard about PULUG was at a class promotion event. Not Exactly that. Something similar. And my first thought was “What the hell. Who Cares”. Had my thinking not changed, I would not be writing this blog now, nor would I have been learning Vim (which I am doing at the moment). An awesome text editor for Linux, I came to know in today’s PULUG session. Cheers !

For those who still didn’t get it (:p), PULUG is all about LINUX. I myself use a 14.04 Trusty Tahr. I like the UI. Maybe, I’ll update to 14.10 Utopic Unicorn. Who knows !

They have a PULUG mailing list. A facebook page. An IRC. I am posting the Mailing List here. But don’t Spam. I don’t hold any responsibility if you are blocked. :p


To, sum it up. These guys really do awesome things. (Oops! Did I mention GSoC, JSFoo, KDESoC, ACM ICPC ? ) We’ll save that for sometime later.

Thats all for now

Thanks for Reading


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