#3 : a funny comparison between C and C++

So, I was going through Abhinav Badola’s Google+ profile, and found out this funny comparison between C and C++. Being a geek myself, I was compelled to post it here. So here it goes…

C is the crotchety old man who lives in the engine room. He is perpetually
tinkering, occasionally mumbling words that make no sense to anyone,
but might be old Norse (“scanfing vastart, strtok div frexping calloc! Err,
no.”). When he’s not mumbling, he’s waving his little antique pistol in the
air and ranting about how real men take out their own garbage. Despite
this, he’s a pretty chill teacher; he hands you the tools, points you in the right direction, and gets out of your way. But he’ll just sit back and cackle
when, as inevitably happens, you turn a wrench the wrong way and
scalding steam erupts into your face. C++ is the mad professor who’s had this machine for sale in SkyMall
catalogues for years now – it takes up an entire room and provides thirty-
seven hundred different methods of producing delicious home-cooked
meals in just three minutes flat! Really, most of the people buying this
contraption just put it in a back room and limit their use to the juicer
attachment and maybe just maybe the pasta maker. But you’re sure you can do better! You buy the service manual from the professor and go to
figure the thing out, only to discover that the person who designed the
thing is none other than the crotchety old man who lives in the engine
room. In terms of power:
C is a chainsaw. C++ is a 50-foot tall earthmover that mows down everything in its path,
and has giant chainsaws sticking out of its wheel hubs to boot. Sure, both can clear trees out of your way, but… In terms of special:
C is a rockstar. C++ is a narco-syndicate collective of superheroes.
I hope this clarifies.


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