#2 : half girlfriend review

Its been a fortnight, since I read half girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat. At 280 pages, its not a fat book. A sitting or two could do the trick. Besides, it got me glued. With each new chapter, you would be craving for more. I have been following Bhagat since his first book. Its the sixth book by Bhagat, and he seems to have worked on his previous flaws or shortcomings. His style remains pretty much the same as his previous fictional works. So without further ado, lets dig in. Plus, I would try to keep Spoilers at a minimum.

It follows the love story of a guy named Madhav from a small village in Bihar. He falls falls for a rich girl from New Delhi. He doesn’t know english. She is good at it. He wants her to be his girlfriend. She does not want a relationship. They decide to be in a half-affair (if there could be anything like it). She becomes his half-girlfriend. He is still not content with it. Well thats how far I can stretch out without spoiling your experience. The book has some serious twists, something that I didn’t notice in his previous works. Most of the chapters end at a high-note, so you would want to read it further. As I said earlier, it got me glued. Like Revolution 2020, the book has a tinge of the social scenario in India. Well, more than just a tinge. Something Bhagat highlights, “He writes to bring a Change”. One of Bhagat’s touch I like the most since his first book is the use of italicised font to tell us what the Protagonist is thinking. Something you can very easily relate to, if you know what I mean. The protagonist comments about situations and the general behaviour of Indian women, which are both amusing and reflect their mindset. If you have ever been rejected by someone you were deeply in love with, you could easily connect to Madhav. Its a well laid out story that answers most of your questions. Also Madhav’s life from Bihar to New York(oops! sorry ) is well illustrated so you know the reason behind everything.

Ending my sort of review here. Overall its a good read. Not too fancy though or out of the box. Like every love story has to be. Not very much different from his previous works in terms of style.

I may be getting cocky comparing two different genres, but if it were possible in some way, then Half Girlfriend cannot compete with the likes of The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. Well, according to me. The reason I mention it, is because both are Indian authors and I enjoyed their works.

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Thanks for reading.




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